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Dodgers To Acquire Victorino, Giants To Acquire Pence: Is There Still A Market for Denard Span?

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While it certainly seems like the Dodgers acquisition of Shane Victorino is pretty much in the books, the Hunter Pence-to-the-Giants deal isn't quite set in stone. Most sources do agree that it's just a matter of time. Because of Denard Span's age, performance, and contract status you can be pretty sure that whatever it took to pick up Victorino and Pence it would have taken more to pry Span away from Minnesota.

Which probably sits just fine with Denard. He doesn't want to be traded.

Now that San Francisco and the National League's Los Angeles team are off the list, the only team that had been tied to Span in recent days is the Reds. Cincinnati is currently in first place in the NL Central, but the Pirates are clearly looking to get better.

From Scott Miller:

Stymied in their effort to deal with the Phillies for Shane Victorino, the Reds are talking with the Twins about acquiring outfielder Denard Span, according to sources ... One source pegs the Reds/Twins talks for Span as a "50/50" chance of doing a deal. The Twins are desperate to re-stock their system with young starting pitching prospects.

There was this, too:

Still, right now it does sound like the Twins aren't just coasting into the deadline.