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Twins Stand Pat at the Trade Deadline

<strong>Josh: </strong>"Congrats on still being a Twin, buddy." <strong>Justin:</strong> "Thanks, you too, eh."
Josh: "Congrats on still being a Twin, buddy." Justin: "Thanks, you too, eh."

In spite of a flurry of interest over the last few weeks, the Twins only made one move this week by trading Francisco Liriano to the White Sox. Even in the last few days we've heard quite a bit about Justin Morneau and Denard Span in particular. But that wasn't all.

Rumors cropped up about the Rangers having interest in Jared Burton, as well as the Dodgers and Glen Perkins. In the end, though, the Twins stood pat.

It's hard, because fans expected the Twins to sell. But they were also very disappointed in the return for Liriano. In a scenario where the Twins clearly decided that they weren't going to get fair trade value in anything they could sell, they're still going to face some fire from the fan base. Even if standing pat was the right move.

We understand that the Twins are rebuilding. So does the Minnesota front office. In an ideal world the Twins traded their most valuable pieces for a cornucopia of riches. If those offers weren't on the table, then the failure to make deadline deals shouldn't be held against the front office. If the Twins want to trade Span but weren't offered fair value, they've done the right thing by not pulling the trigger.

It was a bit anticlimactic today, but the good news is that the club didn't under-value any of their chips they could have traded today. We might still see some of these pieces moved once the off-season hits.