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Hey Everybody, I'm Going To Live Tweet From Fenway Park Tonight!

My current city of residence is Boston. Which is kind of fun. Don't get me wrong, it's no Minneapolis, but as far as East Coast cities go I like it. It's fairly clean, there are a lot of parks (which is perfect for my dog), there are endless museums and theaters to check out, and there's no denying that these people are passionate about their sports teams.

When it comes to the Red Sox some of that passion is still there, even though the team isn't necessarily playing all that well. I don't think this city can get rid of Josh Beckett fast enough. Or John Lackey. But hey, we all knew the latter was a mistake.

Tonight I'll be attending the Twins-Red Sox tilt at Fenway Park. I'm a little way down the right field line, somewhere in between first base and the right field foul pole. I'm sure I'll be wearing some kind of Twins paraphernalia.

I'll also be live tweeting from the game. While my insights will be the best you can find anywhere in the world, you'll have to follow Twinkie Town on twitter to reap the benefit.

If you need a little encouragement, here's what I was talking about while at the game on Monday:

I imagine there will be a lot of the same thing tonight - some baseball, some nonsense. But you'll probably have a pretty good idea of what it's actually like to be at a game with me. Which may just scare you away.

Anyway - I'll be at the game, and I'll be tweeting. Feel free to say hello!