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Carroll, Morneau Lead Twins to Win in Extra Innings, 6-5

"We combined for 8 hits tonight!" "Let's low-five to recognize our endeavour."  "Endeavour?" "I'm from British Columbia, remember?"  "Oh, yeah."
"We combined for 8 hits tonight!" "Let's low-five to recognize our endeavour." "Endeavour?" "I'm from British Columbia, remember?" "Oh, yeah."

Jamey Carroll's fourth hit of the night scored Darin Mastroianni, redeemed Brian Dozier and Ron Gardenhire, and led the Twins to a 6-5 win.

Carroll's single followed an inexplicable bunt attempt by Dozier with Mastroianni on 2nd after his lead-off double in the 10th inning. Assuming that was called by the manager, it failed miserably as it was popped up to third. Even if it had succeeded, given Mastroianni's speed, wouldn't you rather have Dozier try hitting it to right instead or have Mastroianni steal? Ah, whatever. It worked out. Jared Burton came in and shut the door in the bottom of the inning to seal the deal

Anyway, the other storyline of the game was Justin Morneau, who dropped an easy foul pop in the 3rd inning and spent the rest of the game redeeming himself.

The known Canadian, who's been coming on of late, opened the game with four base hits against left-handed pitchers (and collecting two RBI. Which is good, since on the pitch after Morneau dropped what would have been the third out of the aforementioned inning, Carl Crawford belted a 3-run homer off Twins starter Brian Deunsing that put the Red Sox up 5-1.

Deunsing, while not as effective as he was in his emergency start against Cleveland, managed to stanch the bleeding after the Crawford dong, getting through six and holding the line. He finished with 5 ER, 10 H, 3 K and no walks.

The Twins opened the scoring in the second when, after a Morneau double, Darin Mastroianni singled him home. Their rally off of Sox starter Felix Dudebro (sp?) came in the 5th, when, after a bases-loaded walk to Josh Willingham narrowed the gap to 5-2, a 2-run bloop single from Morneau made it 5-4, and a sac fly from Danny Valencia knotted it up.

The late innings became a bullpen chess match between Gardy and Bobby Valentine, with each mixing and matching and pretty much finding success with ex-Tigers (Casey Fein, Andrew Miller) , youngsters (Tyler Robertson) and Jeff Grays (Jeff Gray).

I'm skipping studs and duds because my DirecTV signal just crapped out before the final out was recorded (STROMS), and I want this to post in case the power and my wi-fi crap out.

Enjoy your weekend, everybody!