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Mariners 5, Twins 4: Smoke Misses Tag But Revere Called Out, Tying Run Doesn't Score

We could focus on this play, instead of the umpire's blown call.
We could focus on this play, instead of the umpire's blown call.

With the Twins trailing by one run in the bottom of the ninth, runners sat on first and third base with just one out. Into the batter's box stepped Ben Revere who, to this point, had gone 0-for-3 with a walk, steal, and run scored. On a 3-1 count Tom Wilhelmsen dealt a blistering fastball.

Revere chopped it up the line. Runners had broken to second and to home, and with the track of the ball, Revere's speed gave the Twins an opportunity to tie the game. Justin Smoak, charging in from first, caught the ball on the fourth bounce and wildly swung his glove at the blur running up the line to his left. First base umpire Paul Nauert called Revere out to end the game.

Replays showed that Smoak whiffed. Revere should have had a hit, and Darin Mastroianni (who had stolen third base) should have scored to tie it up.

It's a harsh way to lose a game. You never want an umpire's incorrect call to influence the outcome of the game, but bad calls happen. They're easier to deal with when they aren't made on the final call of the game, because ultimately you can say the team should have done more to overcome the mistake; the players themselves have their mistakes magnified. But on the last play? That's harsh.

The Twins drop three of four at home to the Mariners. I think we can start discussing where the Twins will draft next June.


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