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Twins Score Runs, Parmelee Hits Homeruns, Nishioka Takes the Plunge, and Other Exciting Accomplishments

Tsuyoshi Nishioka attempts to catch a ball.
Tsuyoshi Nishioka attempts to catch a ball.

It's a happy day in Twins territory after last night's 14-3 win over the Cleveland Indians. To keep the good times rolling, here are some some more joyous baseball tidbits for you to munch on:

  • The Twins now have the most runs-scored since the All-Star break with 136. The Angels are second with 134 runs-scored. So we're number one! We're number one! We're number one! (Come on guys, it's something!)
  • Pedro Hernandez, the pitcher acquired from the White Sox in the Fransisco Liriano trade, made his first start for the Rochester Red Wings last night. He gave up six runs on 10 hits in just two innings pitched. But have no fear for the state of Twins minor league pitching: catcher Rene Rivera--who had never before thrown a pitch in professional baseball--pitched a scoreless ninth inning in the same game! (EDIT: Twins Daily's Parker Hageman kindly pointed out that position player Matt Carson pitched set-up for Rivera's inning. See? We're just overflowing with pitching prospects!)
  • Meanwhile, Red Wing and sometimes Twin Chris Parmelee was named International League Player of the Week after batting .517 (!), with three doubles (!!), and five homeruns (!!!) in six games.
  • Tsuyoshi Nishioka made his triumphant return to the major leagues last night, going 0-for-5 and making what can only be described as a spectacular error on the very first ball hit to him in the first inning. Nishi told Japanese media outlet (in the always-fun rough Google-Translate form), "To reflect on when I thought I made ​​a mistake, try to switch your feelings during the game will not only take the plunge and face forward." Nishioka added on another error in the eighth inning for good measure.
  • While in Rochester, Nishioka did work on his English skills, telling the Star Tribune's Joe C, "I learned a lot of English, so I'll start reading newspapers now, and I'll know what you guys are writing." Watch out Jon Marthaler!
  • In other baseball news, Vin Scully has been absolutely on fire lately--although it is hard to say when the greatest sports broadcaster of all time is not. After delightfully reading "a twitter" Shane Victorino sent via the Twitter last week, Vin used his awesome power to get AJ Ellis's name trending nation-wide on the Twitter just before Ellis hit his second homerun of the night. Last night, Vin translated a tirade by Rockies manager Jim Tracy in a moment of broadcasting gold you don't want to miss.