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Royals 9, Twins 1: Royals Get Extra-Bases, Runs, While Twins... Not So Much

Twins starter Scott Diamond going to a happier place.
Twins starter Scott Diamond going to a happier place.

Scott Diamond did roughly as well tonight as he did in his last outing against the Chicago White Sox. Tonight the Twins starter gave up four runs on 10 hits over six innings, compared to the four runs on seven hits he gave up over five innings in his win against the White Sox last week.

The difference was that this time the Twins didn't score 18 runs.

Every bit the school of toothless piranhas, the Twins offense mustered 11 hits but with zero extra bases and only one run scored. Our boys didn't really help the cause with their gloves either. Most notably, in the second inning, Josh Willingham lost a fly ball in the sun that, instead of being the third out, dropped several feet behind him and allowed two runs to score.

The Twins got a look at recent-call up Luis Perdomo, who sailed through the seventh inning giving up only one understandable hit to Billy Butler. He then came out for the eighth and gave up a double, a RBI single, and hit Lorenzo Cain in the head with a pitch before being replaced by Alex Burnett, who surrendered a RBI triple, RBI wild pitch, and Eric Hosmer home run.

It was basically really poopy.

Studs and duds after the jump.

  • Ben Revere: 3 for 5, no strike outs, runs fast, etc. etc.
  • Justin Morneau: 2 for 3, 1 walk.
  • Darin Mastroianni: 2 for 3, 1 walk, Justin Morneau impersonation.