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Major League Baseball's 500,000th Error Committed By Jose Reyes and Not Some Random Guy


It took 136 years, but it has finally happened. Major League Baseball has, in its history, now committed 500,000 errors. Just by pure chance, by the numbers it was likely that the error would be committed by a player who would largely be lost to the sands of time in a game that has seen more players come and go than any of the other three major American sports.

By which I mean football, basketball, and hockey. Not NASCAR, tennis, and golf.

Anyway, Jose Reyes committed Major League Baseball's 500,000th error. 499,998 was the honor of Kevin Fransden, a 30-year old journeyman who plays for the Phillies. 499,999 went to Joaquin Arias, a utility infielder who's playing for the Giants this year.

But half a million? That honor went to a four-time All-Star with a Silver Slugger award, who has garnered MVP votes five times, who has stolen 405 bases in his career and led the league in that category three times, led the league in triples four times, led the league in hits once, and won a batting title.

It's an auspicious honor to be sure. Congratulations, Jose Reyes. You're more than just an answer to a trivia question, but you're still an answer to a trivia question.