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Other Promises The Twins Broke

Never cross Rene Rivera, or he'll hashtag you so fast your head will spin.
Never cross Rene Rivera, or he'll hashtag you so fast your head will spin.

Last week, the Twins called up Double-A catcher Chris Herrmann to help bolster a catching corps depleted by injuries to Joe Mauer and Ryan Doumit. Triple-A backstop Rene Rivera was not happy, taking to Twitter to express his displeasure:

He used the #lies hashtag? Wow, he must really be serious here.

Anyway, while Rivera - who batted .226 in 95 games in Rochester - clearly has complaints, he's far from the only Twin who felt lied to this year. Below, a list of a few other promises the Twins broke this year.

  • To Ben Revere: "Of course we measured right. That's totally 300 feet to the plate. Your arm is awesome. Second base isn't really 20 feet away, it's just an optical illusion. You think we're just trying to build your confidence or something?"
  • To Jamey Carroll: "We see you as more of an everyday guy, so we're not going to move you around every day and invite unflattering comparisons to Nick Punto."
  • To Alex Wimmers: "Hey, don't worry. We're definitely going to get a real doctor in here to look at your arm. He's the best anywhere and we trust him 100%. Everything will be fine and you'll be back in no time."
  • To Joe Mauer: "I know it's tough to get booed, but if you play well, we promise these fans will forget there was ever a problem last year."
  • To Carl Pavano: "We're definitely not going to use the same guy that we used to look at Wimmers. We realize now that Buzzy the Amazing Medical Chimp's credentials are not valid. We'll get someone good. No worries."
  • To Eduardo Escobar: "We're going to give you every chance to stick up here, because you figure in our future plans."
  • To Matt Capps: "We want you to work hard at rehab. This team misses you at the end of ballgames and we're going to throw you right back at the end when you come back."
  • To Bill Smith: "I know you had a rough time, but we're not going to not-so-subtly blame you in public interviews all season. Just stick around, keep your head down, and work - it'll be fine."
  • To Anthony Slama: "You pitch well and you'll be right back up here."
  • To Josh Willingham: "We're trying to build a contender here."
  • To fans: "Last year was rough, but we're not thinking about anything but returning to the playoffs this year."