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Game 134: Twins @ Royals

First Pitch: 1:10pm CDT
Radio: Twins Radio Network
Know Thine Enemy: Royals Review

For some reason the widget for Luis Mendoza isn't populating, so let's just break it down thusly: in 19 starts and 109 innings, Mendoza has been just as effective as he's been as a reliever this season. Batters have hit for better power, but it's all relative. Slugging .407 against him as a starter isn't anything to brag about. Both his strikeout and walk rates are worse out of the bullpen.

Esmerling Vasquez was selected off waivers from the Diamondbacks almost a year ago, and in Triple-A this season struck out nearly a batter per inning and allowing a shave more than a base runner per inning. In his limited time with the Dbacks, Vasquez showed himself to be a pitcher with fly ball tendencies and a fastball around 93 or 94mph. He compliments the fastball with a low 80s change and a breaking ball.

Twins: Revere (CF), Carroll (3B), Mauer (1B), Morneau (DH), Doumit (C), Parmelee (RF), Carson (LF), Casilla (2B), Florimon (SS)

Royals: Lough (RF), Escobar (SS), Gordon (LF), Butler (DH), Perez (C), Moustakas (3B), Cain (CF), Hosmer (1B), Abreu (2B)

Lough 9 Escobar 6 Gordon 7 Butler DH Perez 2 Moustakas 5 Cain 8 Hosmer 3 Abreu 4