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Twins vs. Yankees News and Notes

Jamey Carroll drove in the winning run against the Tigers last night. No, really.
Jamey Carroll drove in the winning run against the Tigers last night. No, really.

Schedule (all games FSN)

  • Monday: 7:10pm, Liam Hendriks vs. Andy Pettitte
  • Tuesday: 7:10pm, Esmerling Vasquez vs. Phil Hughes
  • Wednesday: 12:10pm, Samuel Deduno vs. C.C. Sabathia

Yankees Notes

  • The Yankees' payroll is $209 million this year, more than double the Twins's. Feel free to use this stat if A) the Twins win any games in this series and B) you know any Yankees fans.
  • New York lost Sunday, snapping their seven-game winning streak. Despite this stretch, the Yankees are still only a game ahead of Baltimore for the AL East crown; both teams have series with Boston and Toronto remaining, but the Yankees get the Twins as their third series, while the Orioles play the Rays.
  • Mark Teixeira is still dealing with the calf strain that's kept him out of the lineup for all but one game since August 27. He likely won't play in this series, but will play in the Instructional League today in the hopes of returning this weekend.
  • Left fielder Brett Gardner is also rumored to be returning soon, though just as a pinch runner and defensive substitute. Gardner had surgery on his right elbow in July.

Twins Notes

  • As we live and breathe: Matt Capps will rejoin the team today. He's been out since July 15 with rotator cuff problems, but he threw last week in the Instructional League and everything went well.
  • Samuel Deduno will start Wednesday afternoon's game on three days rest, since he only threw 53 pitches in his last outing. (It was either that, or let somebody from the bullpen start and get creamed.)
  • Trevor Plouffe struck out six times on Sunday, which you have to admit is pretty impressive, even for Plouffe.