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Twins 2, Yankees 8: Deduno Leaves With Eye Irritation, Duensing Struggles in Relief

The Twins aren't able to play spoiler or win the series against the Yankees, as they drop the game 8-2.

Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The Twins weren't able to get a series win against the Yankees today, as they ended up losing the game to CC Sabathia and the Bronx Bombers 8-2. Sabathia was good today, as he tends to be, and managed to shut the Twins down for another solid 8 inning outing. He gave up 6 hits and the two earned runs to the Twins, but that was about it--he issued one walk, but struck out ten batters. Cody Eppley (huh?) managed to come in and close out the ninth without any problems, and just like that, the Yankees take the series from the Twins...again.

For his part, Samuel Deduno was good enough for the inning-plus he pitched, giving up two walks, but also striking out two and giving up no earned runs, which is something that definitely cannot be said for the relief pitching of Brian Duensing or Anthony Swarzak. Deduno left in the second inning after his right eye became irritated, and Brian Duensing came in for the long relief role, but struggled mightily as he ended up giving up 6 earned runs and two walks while only striking out one. The third inning was really where Duensing ran into a lot of trouble, with Robinson Cano, Nick Swisher, and Curtis Granderson all collecting RBI, and a wild pitch scoring another run. It was a rough inning, and by the time he got out of it, Duensing had given the Yankees a lead the Twins would never reclaim. Anthony Swarzak came in in the third inning, replacing Duensing, and eventually gave up another two earned runs.

The Twins offense wasn't silent today, which is a nice change for a recap I write. Matt Carson and Pedro Florimon, Twins offensive powerhouses, each knocked in a run today. Carson's came in the second inning, on a single that scored Ryan Doumit. Florimon's run came in the bottom of the seventh, on a single to right center field that scored Jamey Carroll. That, sadly, was pretty much the extent of the Twins offensive prowess today, though Alexi Casilla did manage two hits as well. Winning!

-Kyle Waldrop and Luis Perdomo
-Alexi Casilla, Matt Carson, Pedro Florimon
-Samuel Deduno, for a short time

-Brian Duensing
-Anthony Swarzak
-Most of the offense

What's up next:
The Twins have an off day tomorrow (but make sure to stop by for some great content!). On Friday, they'll be taking on the Tigers for #SpoilerTour2012 at Target Field. Game starts at 7:10 pm CST, be there or be square!