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Twins Grant Tsuyoshi Nishioka His Requested Release

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"At this time, I have made the decision that it is time to part ways." - Tsuyoshi Nishioka

Jason Miller - Getty Images

It's just come down that the Twins have granted Tsuyoshi Nishioka his unconditional release. Nishioka was two years into his three-year contract, and his release means he is allowing the Twins to recoup the $3.25 million they would have had to pay him in 2013 (plus what would have been the eventual 2014 buyout of the fourth year option).

While it's not surprising to see Nishioka display some class, any time a player voluntarily walks away from three million dollars you have to tip your cap. Yes, he was a guy whose talent level wasn't anywhere near where the Twins thought it would be, but that blame lies with the organization.

Nishioka is quoted as saying:

"I take full responsibility for my performance which was below my own expectations," Nishioka said. "At this time, I have made the decision that it is time to part ways. I have no regrets and know that only through struggle can a person grow stronger."

Happy trails, Nishi.