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Terry Ryan Complains to Rainbow Foods Cashier Again

$4 for a pound of hamburger is just not right.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sport

Twins General Manager Terry Ryan complained about the price of ground beef to Alicia Dvorak, 20, a cashier at the Roseville Rainbow Foods on Wednesday. It is at least the third such incident in the last month according to Dvorak.

"Yeah, he comes in here a lot, and he's always friendly," said Dvorak. "But there's usually an item I'll scan and he'll just shake his head and get this disgusted look on his face, like 'I can't believe it costs this much for a can of coffee' or whatever."

"On Wednesday, it was ground beef. He just looked completely surprised that it was $3.99/lb. He even said, "This isn't even 93% lean, and I'm supposed to be spending Brian Cashman money?' I don't know what that even means."

Store Manager Carol Grob, 41, confirmed the incident to Twinkie Town.

"Yeah, I was in the area when Alicia was checking him out," said Grob. "I saw that he was a bit put out by the cost of the hamburger, and I told him that we have a big sale on bulk meats coming up next week and you can get a 5-lb tube of 73%-lean ground chuck for $8.99. I know it's not filet mignon, but if you're looking to stretch a dollar, an economy meat like that is a heckuva deal. That seemed to really intrigue him."

Grob added that Ryan had seemed befuddled two other times in the past month about an item's cost. The items in question, a pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream and a two-pack of paper towels, were called "exorbitant" and "a game we're just not willing to play" by the Twins general manager.

When asked to comment, Ryan said it's unfair to say he's unwilling to spend the money it takes to purchase quality goods and services.

"As it happens, I was pressed for time one day and did my grocery shopping at the Downtown Lund's in Minneapolis. I don't think you can characterize anyone who shops at Lund's as unwilling to spend money. Because, my goodness, it was ten bucks just for a few pork chops, and one of them didn't even cook up right."