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Byron Buxton Taking Part in Bowman Hitting Challenge

The what now?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight, the Arizona Fall League will debut something called the Bowman Hitting Challenge. Seven of the game's top 100 prospects will participate in the event, which involves hitting a baseball and tallying points by hitting certain objects with the ball. Basically, it sounds something like this.

I don't know about you, but that game still feels awfully familiar. It does point out how much better graphics and player representation has gotten in the last eight years, though. Here's what AFL hitters will be aiming for.

Hitters taking part in the event will receive two minutes to hit against live pitching and be rewarded for points between 100-500. Hitters also can earn points by hitting a wide array of targets on the field and their final swing will come off a tee and be worth double points.

Oversized trading cards, an outfielder on a trampoline and a moving human sphere will be among the targets.

The Twins prospect who will be participating in the challenge will be Byron Buxton. This really isn't an event I'll be paying too much attention to, but if you happen to watch be sure to let us know what it's like!