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Poll: Should the Twins Target Josh Johnson?

He's always been thought capable of being an ace, but injuries have kept the jury out. Do you think the Twins should be in the market for his services?

Otto Greule Jr

Since finishing fourth in the National League Rookie of the Year vote in 2006, Josh Johnson has been something of an enigma. Above average swinging strike rates have led to a nice number of strikeouts; he has good command of all four of his pitches; he has a history of suppressing base runners; he's never been prone to the long ball (at least before his injury-plagued 2013).

Unfortunately, also since 2006 he's topped 180 innings just three times in seven seasons. Averaging just 19 starts and 118 innings in that span is certainly something any team looking at Johnson needs to consider. His injuries have been varied, but they've all kept him from pitching.

  • Forearm strain (2006)
  • Right bicep ulnar nerve irritation (2007)
  • Tommy John surgery (2007)
  • Shoulder inflammation (2010)
  • Back strain (2010)
  • Shoulder inflammation (2011)
  • Elbow surgery for bone spurs (2013)
Johnson is still relatively young, as he doesn't turn 30 until January. Especially on the free agent market, that's about as young of a pitcher as you could ask for. In his three healthy seasons he combined for 15.1 wins above replacement, which is certainly ace territory.

Over at MLB Trade Rumors yesterday, Tim Dierkes suggested that Johnson could be in line for a deal in the range of one year and $8 million dollars plus incentives. So, the money question: would you?