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Poll: Who Is Worth Forfeiting a Second Round Draft Pick to Sign?

One of the advantages of being terrible: your first round pick is protected.

Mike Ehrmann

On Friday morning we were going over baseball's qualifying offer, and how it would work in regards to the Twins for the upcoming season. Here are the nuts and bolts.

  • This year's qualifying offer is worth $14.1 million dollars.
  • Signing a player who declines the qualifying offer means giving up a first round draft pick...
  • ...unless you're one of the ten worst teams in the league, in which case your first round pick is protected and you give up your next highest pick.
  • Players are only eligible for a qualifying offer if they were with a team the entire season.
ESPN 1500's Darren Wolfson tweeted today that the Twins might be wiling, a long shot though it may be, to forfeit their second round pick in order to bring in the right player.

With all that in mind, who are a few free agents that are A) good enough to receive a qualifying offer, and B) play a position at which the Twins need some help? There aren't many position players that meet that criteria, but there are a few pitchers.

Let's hear your thoughts in the comments.