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Minnesota Twins 2014 Prospect Vote: Round 4

Are you ready to vote for prospect number five?

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In a mild surprise, Eddie Rosario owns 55% of the vote and beats out Kohl Stewart (37%), Jose Berrios (6%) and Lewis Thorpe (2%) for the number four spot on the Twinkie Town community prospect list. Perhaps Stewart's short track record and status as a recent draft pick hurt his chances, but it's also possible that excitement for Rosario has built over the last two or three years and, with his age relative to competition level and his vicinity to being in the Majors, people preferred his bat and athleticism as a possible second baseman in 2015 over Stewart's upside as a front-of-the-rotation pitcher in 2017. It's hard to argue.

Twinkie Town Top Prospects for 2014

  1. Byron Buxton, CF
  2. Miguel Sano, 3B
  3. Alex Meyer, RHP
  4. Eddie Rosario, 2B/OF
As we'll reproduce in every round, the rules:

  • For each round, a certain number of players will be presented with statistical history, a brief overview, and other basic information such as age and level.
  • Once on a ballot, players will remain on the ballot until they eventually win a vote. Barring something drastic, like a trade.
  • Sometimes no players will be added to subsequent ballots. Sometimes more than one player will be added. Early rounds will have fewer players for which to vote, and later rounds are more likely to have more.
  • Share with your friends! Let's get as many votes as possible.
  • A general list has already been assembled, and players are slated to join the voting at a specified time, but you are welcome to recommend players that you think should be added in the following round.

Players Up In Round 4: Kohl Stewart, Jose Berrios, Lewis Thorpe

Note: no players are being added this round, but three players will be added for Round 5.

Kohl Stewart, RHP
2014 Age: 19
2013 Top Level: Elizabethton, 4 IP (Rookie)

Year Age Lg Lev ERA G GS IP WHIP H/9 HR/9 BB/9 SO/9
2013 18 GULF Rk 1.69 6 3 16.0 0.938 6.8 0.0 1.7 9.0
2013 18 APPY Rk 0.00 1 1 4.0 0.500 2.2 0.0 2.2 18.0
1 Season 1.35 7 4 20.0 0.850 5.8 0.0 1.8 10.8
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Generated 11/7/2013.

That's not a lot to go on for anyone, much less a guy who's only being introduced to the system, but his fastball and slider are already considered to be plus offerings. The fourth overall pick in this year's draft was shut down at the end of the season due to some shoulder soreness, but it wasn't anything serious and he'll be ready to ramp it up again come February. It wouldn't surprise me to see the Twins start him with Elizabethton to start the season, but a good year would see him finish with Single-A Cedar Rapids - provided the organization thinks his arm could handle a full season.

Jose Berrios, RHP
2014 Age: 20
2013 High Level: Cedar Rapids, 103.2 IP (Single-A)

    Year Age Tm Lev W L ERA G GS IP WHIP H/9 HR/9 BB/9 SO/9
    2012 18 Elizabethton Rk 2 0 1.29 3 3 14.0 0.643 5.1 0.6 0.6 14.1
    2012 18 Twins Rk 1 0 1.08 8 1 16.2 0.600 3.8 0.0 1.6 14.6
    2013 19 Cedar Rapids A 7 7 3.99 19 19 103.2 1.399 9.1 0.5 3.5 8.7
    2 Seasons 10 7 3.35 30 23 134.1 1.221 8.0 0.5 2.9 10.0
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    Generated 11/12/2013.

    With Berrios facing his first full-length season as a professional, he understandably slowed a bit at the end of the season. In spite of that he still put forward a pretty solid season for a 19-year old at Single-A. This season will be very telling, as it's likely that he'll spend most (if not all) of his season with Fort Myers; some pundits thought he projected as a reliever when he was drafted, yet the Twins will continue to use him as a starter until he proves he can't be effective doing it. Can he continue to strike batters out at an above average rate and can he continue to be an efficient and productive starter? Let's find out.

    Lewis Thorpe, LHP
    2014 Age: 18
    2013 High Level: GCL Twins, 44.0 IP (Rookie)

    Year Age Lg Lev W L ERA G GS IP WHIP H/9 HR/9 BB/9 SO/9
    2013 17 GULF Rk 4 1 2.05 12 8 44.0 0.864 6.5 0.4 1.2 13.1
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    Generated 11/12/2013.

    It might seem a bit premature to throw international signing Lewis Thorpe into the voting fray so early, but we're doing it. In spite of his age, in spite of his distance from the Majors, in spite of his small sample size, Thorpe absolutely dominated with the GCL Twins in eight starts and four relief appearances. The Twins will no doubt keep him in rookie ball this season, possibly with Elizabethton, but another blistering performance like this might tempt the Twins into seeing how he does in Cedar Rapids at the end of the season. Scouts mostly seem to think he has mid-rotation upside, but it's easy to dream on the Australian 17-year old lefty with amazing strikeout rates.