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The Theme of Seven

It's all about seven.

Dex checks in with a few notes from yesterday's radio visit with Twins General Manager Terry Ryan.

  • Mike Beradino was told by TR that he is looking for free agent pitching targets with career K/9 marks of 7.0. Even though Bronson Arroyo has his ties within the organization, his mark of 5.8 in his career doesn’t really fit that bill. Talks between the two sides have gathered some serious steam.
  • The front office is looking to acquire power arms, and targeting at 7.0 is a good start. If Arroyo is acquired, Correia and himself have an identical K/9 of 5.8. So TR going forward with his "7.0" targets, we can expect Phil HughesRicky Nolasco and Dan Haren to still in the ballpark.
  • Terry also mention he wants to get "the most bang for his buck" which cues a familiar tune of minimal spending, and not spending to spend. So acquiring an arm via the trade market appears likely.