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Breakfast Links: Ricky Nolasco, The Pierzynski Trade and Sloan

It's a Friday morning linkdump. Don't get so emotional about it, god. That's so like you, Suzanne.

Look into Ricky Nolasco's eyes.
Look into Ricky Nolasco's eyes.
Mike Ehrmann

Soundtrack: "Underwhelmed," Sloan.

Morning, guys. Here are your links.

  • Are the Twins in on Ricky Nolasco? I have no earthly idea. All we have to go on is this tweet from Buster Olney. Basically, there's a team definitely interested enough in him to give him 3/4 years, and he follows it up by saying the Twins are alleged to be really aggressive in the FA pitching market. So, yeah? He's clearly better than anyone else currently on the staff, but that's not saying a helluva lot. Discuss your interest or lack thereof below.
  • Friend of the blog Aaron Gleeman broke down Nolasco and other "mid-rotation" pitching options for the local nine here.
  • Hey, the A.J. Pierzynski trade was 10 YEARS AGO. To put that in perspective, we're all 10 years closer to dying. Anyway, Grant Brisbee has a great defense of it from a Giants POV.
  • PiPress Twins scribe Mike Berardino had a Twitter interview with a "Twins official" last night. Lots of stuff there, including thoughts on Mike Pelfrey's alleged multi-year offer from somewhere and the possibility of bringing A.J. back.
Feature will run later this morning. Our good friend Tom Hanson checks in with his thoughts on Joe Mauer's move to first base.