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For Sale: The Metrodome Baggie (and other Metrodome artifacts)

Did you ever dream of owning a water-source heat pump from the Metrodome? I've got good news!

I'm going to miss you, Dome.
I'm going to miss you, Dome.
Doug Pensinger

With only about 40 days left to exist, the Metrodome is having an estate sale of sorts to get rid of all its old crap. More than a dozen gently used items are up for bid at, including:

  • The right field baggie (16' x 190', velcro top and bottom edges) (advertisements not included)
  • The pitching mound used since 2004 (regulation height 10")
  • A 15-foot wide FieldTurf groomer
  • 15 sheets of foam insulation (2' x 8', 2" thick)
  • Super Sopper Water Picker Upper (used "very little"!)
  • 6 pallets of Terra flooring used for concerts and other events
  • 100 padded folding chairs
  • A Dayton E350 Super Duty Generator
  • A John Deere 51 Broom Attachment (presumably used to clean up sunflower seeds and all the crap fans threw at Chuck Knoblauch that one time, etc.)
  • A John Deere 2355 Tractor with 245 Loader (presumably used in Metrodome tractor pulls)
  • 6 blue metal benches
  • A Carrier Water Source Heat Pump (aka the best Kent Hrbek collectible of ALL TIME)
Because this is Minnesota, and we are reasonable people, you can inspect these items before you bid at an old warehouse in Arden Hills Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm. And sorry, no shipping available. If you buy any of this crap you have to pick it up yourself.

These would make great Christmas gifts.

P.S. - No, you can't buy the seat Kirby Puckett's Game 6 home run landed in. Individual seats are not for sale. Besides, the Twins took that seat with them when they moved out.