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Twins Prospect Eddie Rosario Facing Possible 50-Game Suspension for Banned Substance

22-year old second baseman comes up against baseball's drug policy.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

According to a website out of Puerto Rico,, Twins prospect Eddie Rosario is facing a 50-game suspension for a violation of Minor League Baseball's drug policy. Rosario apparently contacted his winter league team to inform them of what happened.

It sounds like Rosario took some pills to help him get over arm surgery, but at this point nothing has been officially announced or released by the Twins or Major League Baseball. Rosario, who will be entering his age-22 season, will miss the first two months of the 2014 season if this report is accurate.

In these situations it can be almost impossible to separate what's rumor from what's spin from what's fact, but the result of it all is the inevitable questioning of Rosario's abilities and true skill set. Even if this report is accurate, and even if it was just a pill he was using to get past the arm surgery, it won't stop the rubes from speculating.

Rosario was recently voted Twinkie Town's number four prospect for 2014, joining number one prospect Byron Buxton and number two prospect Miguel Sano with off-season setbacks.