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For Sale: Stuff From the Metrodome (Part 2)

The auction for the first batch of Metrodome crap is now over, but act quickly and you still have a chance to own a piece of history!

Hannah Foslien

A couple of weeks ago it came out that the Metrodome was auctioning off a bunch of its old stuff, including things like the Metrodome baggie and a bunch of folding chairs.

The bidding for many items is now over, and here are the results:

  • The Metrodome Baggie: SOLD $1000 and $2025 - This wasn't made entirely clear at first, but the baggie was actually being sold in two pieces. I hope the lucky buyers knew they weren't getting the whole baggie. What a buzzkill!
  • The Pitching Mound: SOLD for $2181 - Congrats to the lucky winner. I hope you have plans to install this in your basement or something, because that would be awesome.
  • 1991 John Deere 2355 Tractor with 245 Loader: SOLD for $17,950 - Minnesotans love old tractors.
  • John Deere 51 Broom Attachment: SOLD for $1,225 - And not to the same person who won the tractor (assuming this has an attachment for the tractor? Or does that not make sense? I'm from the Cities I don't know.)
  • The Field Turf Groomer: SOLD for $1875 - A total of 56 bids were made on this thing.
  • Set #1 of 100 Padded Folding Chairs: SOLD for $2100 - The most interesting part of this bid was that the second highest bid was $1,669, made by the same bidder who then upped their bid nearly $500 14 seconds later.
  • Set #2 of 100 Padded Folding Chairs: SOLD for $2100 - As if it wasn't obvious, set #2 was won by the same bidder as set #1.
  • Dayton E350 Super Duty Generator: SOLD for $500 - That's a steal.
  • Super Sopper Water Picker Upper (used very little): SOLD for $136 - Aaah yeah!
  • 15 Sheets of Foam Insulation: SOLD for $60 - A total of 2 bids were made.
  • Carrier Water Source Heat Pump: SOLD for $55 - Are you kidding me? The ULTIMATE Kent Hrbek collector's item only sold for $55!? 15 sheets of useless foam insulation sold for more?! This is why we can't have nice things...
If you missed out on these items, I have good news! More crap from the Metrodome is now up for auction, including:
  • All four of the pitching mounds used in the bullpens (act quickly, bidding ends tomorrow!)
  • Four scoreboards used during the NCAA tournaments (includes one time clock)
  • Two sets of 111 padded folding chairs (good luck beating that padded folding chair maniac from the first round)
  • Four field tarps (the Metrodome had field tarps? Four of them?)
  • UV Resistant Reinforced Poly Tarp (222' X 220', 10 mil thick, un-used has been punctured) (really wasn't kidding when I said the Metrodome was selling all it's old crap)
  • A bunch of Yamaha audio equipment (act quickly, bidding ends tomorrow!)
  • 11 NCAA Padded Folding Chairs (these ones look kind of spiffy, but again, good luck)
  • 3 Wood Cabinets 80" high, 32" wide, 20" deep, TV area is 27" X 20.5" X 18", some handles are broken (I'm blaming Kyle Lohse)
  • Stihl 029 Super Chainsaw, Stihl FS85 Weed Whip, and Echo Weed Whip (sold as a package, and yes they claim these were used at the Metrodome)

Some other random heavy machinery like pressure washers and hoists are also being sold, plus the flooring used for concerts is still available, but I don't really think I need to itemize all that.

Go to is you're interesting in any of these unique items! Good luck!