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Reactions to the Ricky Nolasco Signing

The Internet is a strange place. Let's see what some of its furthest corners thought of Ricky Nolasco becoming a Twin.

Jeff Gross

  • Cliff Corcoran of Sports Illustrated's The Strike Zone doesn't believe the Ricky Nolasco signing will alter the fortunes of the Twins in 2014, but considers it an equitable deal for a team desperate for competent starting pitching.
  • Aaron Gleeman believes that Nolasco could pitch to his FIP with a good defense. He goes on to say that while the right-hander has better stuff than the typical Twins pitcher, he's also not a "franchise-altering addition." My biggest takeaway from Gleeman's write up is that the Twins just dished out $49 million over four years to a pitcher about to turn 31 and he didn't really even bat an eye about it. I've come to expect more curmudgeory-ness, sir. Now, what's this about Twins Geek throwing up in the car last weekend?
  • Brett at Bleacher Nation is a Cubs fan, and likes this move because it doesn't preclude the Twins from possibly targeting Jeff Samardzidja but also because it's one more pitcher off the market that wasn't on Chicago's radar.
  • Over at Puckett's Pond, Collin Kottke points out one of the big confirmation moments on Twitter last night: Nolasco changing his Twitter avatar to the "TC" Twins logo.
  • Heavenly Peanuts casts aside analysis in favor of noting Nolasco's frivolous use of exclamation marks on Twitter. There is also a dream sequence worth reading in context.
  • Giants blog Splash Hit looks at how Nolasco's numbers - think less ERA and more swinging strike percentages - would look in Minnesota's rotation. Suffice it to say he comes out looking pretty good.
And now for your clueless Twitter comments...


Anyone who gets $50 million in free agency is a "major" free agent. It doesn't mean they're a premier player or an ace, but they're most definitely "major".

Okay, that's funny.

Major League Jake drastically overestimates what the Twins have now.

That's enough for now.