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BREAKFAST LINKS: Hughes, Morneau, Steely Dan

Something you can read while sitting in the holding cell after that fight with another shopper over a goddamn blender.

This is probably a different Phil Hughes.
This is probably a different Phil Hughes.
Paul Kane

SOUNDTRACK: "Black Friday," Steely Dan

  • Have you heard about the Twins signing Ricky Nolasco?  You didn't dream it in a cornbread stuffing haze.  It really happened.  Check out our coverage if you haven't already.  It's really quite good!
  • My favorite side note of the Nolasco acquisition: the news was broken by SB Nation's Chris Cotillo, who is a senior in high school.  Kids these days, huh?
  • Minnesota needs to sign at least one more starting pitcher.  Who will that be?  As has been rumored for months now, the Yankees' Phil Hughes seems to be a prime candidate.  Jerry Crasnick is the latest to say that the Twins are "turning their attention" to him, per a baseball source.
  • Per Doogie!, a baseball source close to other free agent hurlers, including ex-Twin Matt Garza, doesn't think the Nolasco signing eliminates the Twins from signing them.  As someone who predicted the Vikings and Packers would tie last Sunday, please believe me when I say there is no way Matt Garza will sign with the Minnesota Twins.
  • As for pitchers the Twins might realistically get, Bronson Arroyo's name has been mentioned a lot.  The San Francisco Chronicle's Hank Schulman notes that the Giants might also be trying to land him.
  • Joe Mauer's move to first base cinches the fact that beloved Twin/Canadian person Justin Morneau will play elsewhere in 2014.  Troy Renck of the Denver Post says the Colorado Rockies are in hot pursuit of the  former MVP.  If they were to sign a third long-time Twin in addition to Morneau and Good Clubhouse Guy Michael Cuddyer, they would get a 15% discount from MLB (not true).
  • No new intel on a veteran catcher.  Jerrod Saltalamacchia and A.J. Pierzynski remain available, difficult to spell.
Dumb feature will run as soon as I write it.