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The Best of Jon Marthaler

There are almost too many good things to list.

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One of the great things about managing this site over the last eight years (almost to the day) has been the pleasure of working with so many great writers. Everyone is passionate about baseball in their own way, but one of the things I've been the most proud of (apart from the quality of discussion from our community) has been the fact that our writers have actually been good...writers.

What makes what you do different from what everybody else does? Call it blogging or sports journalism or anything else that involves words, but finding your own perspective and being able to tell a good story are just as integral to doing this job as is a sense of quality journalism. I think Twinkie Town excels in this area; from Stu's incredible feel for satire to Myjah's passion, from to cmathewson's ability to cut through the white noise to bobomojo's feel for the nuances of the front office, and every other writer in between, reading and taking part in the community of TT has been its own experience.

Since early 2007, nobody has been a bigger part of the TT identiy as has been Jon Marthaler. All at once funny, slapstick, biting, smart, and uniquely introspective, Mondays have been branded as one of the premier days to check out TT because of Jon's ability to not just write about the Twins, but to tell good stories.

If you haven't seen it yet this morning, Jon, in his own subtle way, has announced that he is stepping away from Twinkie Town. I can't say enough about what he's meant to this site, and to me, and Jon - you will be missed.

With that, I present for your consideration - with lists and a number of stand-alones, the very best of Jon Marthaler, Twinkie Town stalwart and evil genius.

An Introduction to a Twinkie Town Newcomer (April 11, 2007)

Season In Review Series

Pressing Carlos Silva Questions (Because in 2007 nobody trusted the Mariners' front office. Not even the Mariners.)


Minnesota Twins - The Text Adventure (Have you ever played a text adventure game? Doesn't matter. Read this.)

Lemaire Is Gone but Gardy Remains - and It's All for the Best (Jon on how two coaches with similar styles can fail and succeed in different sports.)

Nick Punto Jokes

It's Everything We Wanted (Because even Jon gets excited for a push to the pennant.)

There's Time for One More (A moment of sentimentality for the Metrodome.)

Off-Day Essay: My Resolution Is to Simmer Down (Peek behind the psyche of the sports fan and TT writer, Jon Marthaler.)

Satire & Literature

Written by Jon but We Pretend It's by Somebody Else

Twinhua News Agency

Form Letters

Scenes From an Offseason

My Personal Top 5 (not belonging to a list)

Thanks, Jon, for everything you've done for me and for TT. Hopefully we'll see you around these parts when the itch strikes again.