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Tuesday Twins Links: Reflections on 2013 Twins Team Worth, TwinsFest, and More

GIBBY award nominated.
GIBBY award nominated.
Hannah Foslien

Good afternoon! Here are some recent Twins links for you to enjoy:

  • For some more perspective on the 2013 Twins, consider that a player who spent the entire second half of the season back in the minors is one of only two players on the team to be nominated for a GIBBY award.
  • Our friend Dave DeLand over at the St. Cloud Times has some breaking news: the 2013 Twins sucked and the 1991 Twins ruled.
  • Terry Ryan got another one of the old guys back: Former Twins scout Larry Corrigan, who left the team to scout for the Los Angeles Angels (of Anaheim) back in 2007, is returning to the Twins. Corrigan was responsible for signing Torii Hunter and LaTroy Hawkins in the 1990s.
  • Eric Perkins from KARE 11 had a sit down interview recently with Adrian Peterson, Kevin Love, Mikko Koivu, and, of course, Joe Mauer. You'll NEVER guess which '90s baseball superstar Joe Mauer and Kevin Love both geek out about.

  • Why does the Twins website have a big picture of Chris Colabello accompanying this story about starting pitching?