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Minnesota Twins Free Agent Rumors

Here's what the rumor-mill says the Twins have been up to during the first week of the MLB off-season.

Could Ervin be a Twin?
Could Ervin be a Twin?
Jamie Squire

  • The Twins only free agent from the 2013 squad is Mike Pelfrey, and they did not give him a qualifying offer before Monday's deadline (meaning another team will not have to give the Twins a draft pick if they sign him).
  • According to ESPN 1500's Darren Wolfson, the Twins have shown preliminary interest in three starters: Ubaldo Jimenez (RH), Ricky Nolasco (RH), and Jason Vargas (LH). Jimenez might be worth the gamble, but will also likely require the Twins to give up their second round draft pick (their first round pick is protected) if signed. Nolasco didn't spend 2013 with one team, so the Twins wouldn't have to surrender a draft pick to get him. Vargas is basically a soft throwing, back-of-the-rotation type pitcher, so you know this is probably who the Twins are going to end up with.
  • Darren Wolfson also reported that the Twins have formally expressed interest in Ervin Santana (RH), although he mighty be a little too spendy for them.
  • A little more outside the box, the Twins have shown interest in Suk-min Yoon (RH) from Korea. Negotiations are moving slowly due apparently to a nagging shoulder injury the 27 year-old played through in 2003. Former MLB right right-hander Brandon Knight, who also played in Korea, doesn't think Yoon will make much of an impact in the major leagues: "With (Yoon), no offense to him, he's certainly a good pitcher, I just don't see that translating to a lot of success in the big leagues. ... In every organization, in the minor league system, there's probably 10 (Yoons)."
  • The Indians predictably declined Jason Kubel's $7 million option for 2014, making him a free agent and sending the blogosphere into a Twins reunion frenzy. Some bloggers really hate this idea, citing the fact the Twins have tons of outfielders. Other bloggers really liked this idea, citing the fact Kubel's decline in 2013 was mostly due to injuries. Kubel himself welcomed the idea of a return.


  • Wolfson confirms the Twins have called Scott Kazmir (LH) and Johan Santana (LH).