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Breakfast Links: Byron Buxton Might Be Superman

Pour yourself a cup of coffee. Take a seat. Enjoy.

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Soundtrack: "Your Daddy Don't Know," the New Pornographers

  • Baseball America (subscription required; if you don't have one, bother Brandon Warne for details, because he has one and tweeted the quote I'm about to share) finds a scout who may love Byron Buxton more than the rube-iest of Twins rubes does. How so? Ahem: "I see a combination of young Barry Bonds and Ken Griffey Jr. in this guy in terms of body and five-tool athleticism"
  • Speaking of Buxton, he's done playing in the Arizona Fall League due to a strained shoulder.
  • Speaking of prospects that are being salivated over, Miguel Sano is done for the fall and winter with a strained UCL in his throwing elbow. As noted by's Rhett Bollinger, this is considered the more serious of the two ouchies, as that's the "Tommy John" ligament. If you want to mix something a little more whiskey-ish into the coffee, I won't judge you.
  • The big news this morning: LaVelle reports that the Twins have expressed interest in all the Santanas that can pitch.  They've gone so far with former Twin Johan as to request his medical information.  If my Twitter feed is any indication, everyone realizes it's a longshot that he'll ever be what he once was, but everyone is intrigued with getting the band back together.  Even Gleeman!
  • Per the Pioneer Press' Mike Berardino, Brian Dozier and his hair were named the Twins' Wilson Defensive Player of the Year. OBVIOUSLY, this isn't quite the honor it would have been when the Twins defense was actually good, but it's indicative of how Dozier resurrected his major league career last year, and hopefully a goal for other Twins who've been "quadruple A" talents for too long now.
Your dumb Stu feature will be coming in the 9:00 hour. See you then.