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Twins Winter Meetings Preview, Day 3: Arroyo, Pelfrey, Santana

Top o' the morning, Twins fans. Let's get you set up for what is generally the last day of action at the Winter Meetings.

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With Day 4 of the Winter Meetings typically reserved for the Rule 5 Draft and for officials to get out of town, Day 3 is commonly the final day of rumor mongering, meetings, and evasions of the press. We know the Twins are interested in upgrading the rotation as well as the positions of catcher and outfielder, but things have been rather quiet on the position player side of things since losing out on Rajai Davis yesterday - with, perhaps, the rumor of Stephen Drew, if you believe it.

Most of the news to be aware of, heading into today, evolves around the addition of starting pitchers.

Bronson Arroyo

Arroyo doesn't seem to be an option for the Orioles or the Pirates any longer, but along with the Twins it's the Reds and Mets who seem to be the most interested. Re-signing with Cincinnati might be the most tempting thing for Arroyo to do, although it may precipitate GM Walt Jocketty trading another one of his starters as a result. Homer Bailey, however, isn't on that list.

If he is interested in coming to Minnesota, and I'm assuming there is some level of interest there since this is still a thing, the biggest question for the Twins' front office will be the number of years on the contract. Stabilizing the rotation this season is obviously still a priority, but it has to be balanced with the need to continue to improve in 2015 and 2016. For a pitcher who is about to turn 37, expecting him to continue to be better than in-house options in Year 2 and especially Year 3 of any potential deal is an inauspicious prospect at best.

I do like Arroyo, on a one-year deal. Beyond that, buyer beware, proceed with caution, and all those things.

Mike Pelfrey

I have to believe that, in a world where the Twins are only looking to add one additional starting pitcher, the first guy between Pelfrey and Arroyo to accept will get the job. We can confirm that Pelfrey has an offer, somewhere in the neighborhood of two years and $10 million dollars, while Arroyo has yet to have anything formally put on his table.

If the contract is for one year, Arroyo is the better pitcher and is the preferable option. But if the contract is for multiple years, Pelfrey is younger, would seem to require fewer years (two instead of three), and would also require less of a financial commitment per season. I'm still not sold on Pelfrey, but if the choice is between the two on a multi-year contract he's the one I'd roll with.

What it boils down to, for me, is this: the Twins have presented Pelfrey with an ultimatum. If he wants a guaranteed multi-year offer, even if it's at less than Scott Boras believes he's worth, then he needs to accept this contract before Minnesota presents Arroyo with a competitive offer. Otherwise he'll be left to take his chances on a market seemingly low in interest, with one sure fire suitor no longer in the hunt - and that usually will drive the cost down.

Interesting play, Minnesota.

Johan Santana

Nothing has really changed on the Santana front. If he wants a job he's going to have to take a minor league offer somewhere, and his two most recent teams seem to be the most likely destinations: Minnesota and the Mets.

This remains a purely romantic notion in my mind. Whatever Santana has left, whatever mileage is remaining in that magic changeup before it disappears from view entirely, I'd love to see the attempt made in the Twins' system.

We'll see you back here later this morning.