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BREAKFAST LINKS: Buxton, Coomer, Garza, Minor Alps

I swear to God, Deborah. I SWEAR TO GOD.

Otto Greule Jr

There were a lot of rumors involving the Twins and every available starting pitcher at this week's winter meetings, but no signings.  So, while we wait for any post-WM movement, here are some newsy bits:

  • You won't have Ron Coomer to kick around anymore.  The portly FSN/KTWN personality and former Twin signed a 2-year deal to work on the radio broadcasts of the Chicago Cubs, per Chicago reporter Robert Feder.  Coomer (or "Coomdog" as he's known by area dads, supper clubs and meat markets) is a native of the Chicago area.
  • Important:
  • Byron Buxton accepted his Minor League Player of the Year award on Thursday, and we found out from LaVelle that he is actually faster than the last time his 40 was timed.  Again: he might be Superman.
  • LaVelle also tweeted that we shouldn't count the Twins out of the Matt Garza sweepstakes.  I will be legitimately stunned if he ends up here.  Everyone else feels that way, right?
  • Meanwhile, the Tigers signed Joba Chamberlain.  I don't foresee him taking Joe Nathan's job away.
  • One more 2014 catching option is off the market, as the Diamondbacks are close to signing former Twin Henry Blanco to a minor-league deal, per MLB Trade Rumors.  This probably won't cause the commotion that A.J. Pierzynski's stifled reunion with Minnesota did or make area radio personalities say exceptionally dumb shit about the continued need for "clubhouse fire." Also: Henry Blanco is 42.
We will update as needed if there's any movement on the Garza/Pelfrey/Arroyo fronts.  Usual nonsense runs in the (;00 hour.