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Tuesday Twins: We've Got Good News (Byron Buxton) and Bad News (Most Other Things)

Gardy is trolling us with these shirts.
Gardy is trolling us with these shirts.
David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Hello Twins fans. Here are some points of interest for you to enjoy:

  • Byron Buxton was ready to give an interview with Baseball America last week at the MiLB Awards when lightening knocked out the internet connection. But did this stop Byron Buxton? No, because he's Byron Buxton, he drove to a public library and gave the interview via a laptop in his car.

  • Now for some Bad News: says Joe Mauer is going to hit .292 next year and only 10 home runs.
  • But there's Good News: Rand Ball (not's Stu) points out why we should actually be happy about FanGraphs' predictions.
  • had a little talk with Ron Gardenhire and Royals skipper Ned Yost about the future of their ball clubs. Who do you think is more excited?
  • Twins beat writer Rhett Bollinger gives us reason to be optimistic for next season in his most recent Q&A, answering a fan's question about how much better the rotation will be with, "Well, let's just say it would be pretty difficult for the rotation to be any worse, as it was the worst in the Majors by quite a bit."
  • Twins Daily's Nick Nelson wants to make it clear he's not a fan of Mike Pelfrey and that he's a drag to watch, but even he's optimistic.