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Mike Lamb Calls Colorado Rockies "Just to See What's Up"

The former Twins third baseman says he talked about the weather, holiday plans, "nothing much, really."

Dustin Bradford

The Colorado Rockies have become a de facto home for wayward ex-Twins, with Michael Cuddyer, LaTroy Hawkins, Justin Morneau all in the fold, and even cup-of-coffee guys like Jason Pridie signing minor league deals with the club. But that's not why Mike Lamb called.

No, the former Twins third baseman said he was just calling the Rockies to "see what's up" and "shoot the shit, you know."

"Yeah, I know the timing looks weird, but I was just giving 'em a call," said Lamb, 38. "Had some time to kill in the morning, figured I'd just shoot the breeze a bit with whoever picked up. Turns out it was the season ticket office, but I really wasn't interested in buying nothing."

Lamb, who last played in 2010, says he's not looking for a job or anything like that.

"Nope, was just checking in. Of course, if they said, 'Hey, Mike, we've got a spot for a guy who can still stroke it and pick it,' well, sure, I'd listen. Be a fool not to."

The Rockies signed Morneau to a two-year deal worth $13 million, surprising many who wondered if the former MVP's best days were behind him. Lamb says he wasn't shocked at all.

"No, even though he's getting up there, Coors Field sure seems to help older guys keep some pop in their bats. Heck, I bet if I played there 81 games a year, you'd see the Lamber putting up some pretty good numbers."

Lamb said he did not plan to call the Rockies back anytime soon.

"I'm probably just going to drive to Denver first thing Monday morning to maybe just say 'hey' face-to-face," said Lamb. "That personal touch really goes a long way to making someone's day, a lot more than a phone call or a series of text messages. Do you know their office hours?"