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Twins Spring Training Notes: Mark Prior, Mike Carp, Rich Harden

Following camp's first day of live batting practice, here are just a few Twins nuggets.


Following camp's first day of live batting practice, here are just a few Twins nuggets worth a mention.

Twins Not Interested In Mark Prior

Even after making it no secret that their rotation plans are, more or less, "throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks", the Twins apparently aren't one of the teams who are interested in the 32-year old Prior.

It's not that I think the Twins ought to be interested or that I'm confounded as to why they aren't, but when you read Jon's run-down from this morning on our options at starter and you read that Rafael Perez, who hasn't started a game in the Majors, is being looked to as a potential're not really setting a precedent to say "no" to anybody.

It's also more than possible that the Twins feel they have enough reclamation projects in camp, and that's fair. Prior made 19 relief appearances and pitched 25 innings for Boston's Triple-A affiliate last season, striking out 38 but walking 23.

Twins ARE Interested In Mike Carp

Since Carp was designated for assignment last week, the Mariners are running out of time to decide what to do with the 2004 9th-round draft pick. Largely a first baseman who could play some left field, he's been forced out due to poor performance (.213/.312/.341 last year), the acquisitions of Kendry Morales, Mike Morse, and Raul Ibanez, and the existing first base incumbent Justin Smoak.

While the Mariners are close to trading Carp, if the Twins are involved I imagine they could acquire him for a song. They just have to provide a song that's preferable to the other four or five songs that Jack Zduriencik is being courted with.

Carp displayed a little bit of promise in 2011 when he slugged .466 and had 30 extra-base hits in 313 plate appearances with Seattle. In 321 Triple-A games he also has a career line of .276/.356/.498. It's not like Carp is a talentless hack, but he's about to enter his age-27 season. Wherever he lands, if he wants a career in Major League Baseball he'll have to finally adapt.

What's Rich Harden's Progress?

Harden is the team's non-roster invitee with the largest profile. Whether he starts or relieves will be up in the air until Opening Day at the earliest and until well into the season at the most realistic, if he makes the squad at all.

As of Sunday night, Harden didn't throw his bullpen session with his regular group but it was a planned off day. The Twins will continue to give him rest on a cautious schedule for obvious reasons. He's scheduled to throw live batting practice tomorrow.

Have a good night everyone!