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Twins Spring Training Notes: Kyle Davies Signed, Berrios Impresses, Plouffe Things, Missing Carp, and Spring Training TV Schedule

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Here's your Wednesday morning Twins-related spring training notes.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

For the record, the photograph attached to this entry is captioned "Carl Pavano". And when you read our first nugget of information, you will also realize that your day can not possibly get any better. Here we go.

Twins Sign Kyle Davies

The Twins have signed 29-year old right hander Kyle Davies to a minor league contract which does not include an invitation to spring training. Davies last pitched in 2011 for the Royals, where he'd been since going to Kansas City from Atlanta in 2007.

At one point in his career Davies was considered to have a bright future, rated by Baseball America to be the 53rd best prospect. Since then his Major League track record has proven him to be a hittable pitcher who can struggle with command. His slider is okay, but none of his other offerings (including his 92 mph fastball) have proven to be particularly effective.

On August 8, 2011, Davies was arrested for disorderly intoxication. Two days later he was released by the Royals. He signed a minor league contract with the Blue Jays shortly thereafter and finished out the '11 campaign at their Triple-A affiliate, but after a December shoulder surgery and some rehab he didn't appear anywhere in 2012.

This is the definition of a depth signing for the minor league team. It could lend some stability to the Red Wings' rotation.

Jose Berrios: Nothing Like a Little Spring Adulation

I love me some spring training quotes. In this update from LEN III, we get two classics: "He's not afraid to come inside", and "You can hear the ball buzzing as it comes in."

Berrios is about to run away with the result in the vote for the team's #9 prospect for 2013, and it's spring training, so sound bites like this are expected. Maybe it's just a part of the game, maybe it's partly a confidence thing for Berrios to see these kinds of things said about him in the paper (I still call reading the local rag online "the paper", and I won't apologize for that), but it's still better than hearing something terrible.

Trevor Plouffe

  • "Slowed by a sore calf, but did some light running and took batting practice" on Tuesday. Nothing to see here. Thankfully.
  • Plouffe's hitting group is Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau, and Josh Willingham. Out of all the guys you could place with the middle of the lineup batters, Plouffe was a good choice to make. He'll learn a few things.

Mike Carp to Boston

Cash considerations or a PTBNL to the Mariners in return for Carp. That sounds about right. Oh well. Good luck in Boston, Carpster.

When Are the Twins On TV?

It looks like the Twins are scheduled for seven televised spring training games. Here's how it plays out.
  1. March 8 at Red Sox, 6:00pm CDT, FSN Plus
  2. March 15 at Red Sox, 6:00pm CDT, FSN Plus
  3. March 21 at Yankees, 6:00pm CDT, FSN Plus
  4. March 23 at Rays, 12:00pm CDT, FSN Plus
  5. March 24 vs Blue Jays, 12:00pm CDT, FSN
  6. March 25, vs Cardinals, 12:00pm CDT, FSN
  7. March 28 at Red Sox, 6:00pm CDT, FSN