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Spring Training Special: Get to Know Your 2013 Twins Non-Roster Invitees

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Non-roster invitees always find a way of cultivating a group of fans who believe in their abilities to make the team better. In this stream we'll be running down the list of 13 non-roster pitchers and 14 non-roster position players that are jostling for a look in camp.

J. Meric

One of the silver linings that comes with being a rebuilding team is that there are, generally speaking, more places on the 25-man roster that will see competition. As a result, rebuilding teams can be targets for good players who are trying to rebuild value, or who are a getting a little long in the tooth and are looking for a place to play where they'll see regular time. It also means that rebuilding teams can put together interesting lists of non-roster invitees, which is something the Twins have done this season.

Every year you look down that non-roster list and you see a few names you recognize. But this year there are a few more of those names. On the both the pitching and position player sides you can look past the names of players who those of us who know the organization are familiar with: Samuel Deduno, Deolis Guerra, Lester Oliveros, Anthony Slama, Brian Dinkelman. In addition there are also names that are familiar to people throughout the league: Nick Blackburn, Alex Meyer, Rich Harden, Rafael Perez, Jeff Clement, Clete Thomas.

None of this necessarily means that more non-roster players will make that eventual trip north this season than usual, but it does mean that there is likely to be a bit more competition. Over the next couple of days we'll familiarize you will all of them.

Players will be tagged with one of three labels to show how likely they are to have a chance at cracking the 25 man roster:

  • Possible: This is the most optimistic scenario where, if things go well, the player will have a good chance at making the club.
  • Feasible: In this situation, a player has to have something of use to offer the club and a reasonable argument for that something being meaningful enough to merit a roster spot.
  • Unlikely: Not all non-roster invitees are even brought to camp with a chance of making the team. How many of those catchers are getting long looks? Exactly.

This is your thread for Twins non-roster invitees. First up will be a guy most of us haven't hear of: Bryan Augenstein.