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2013 Twins Spring Training Non-Roster Invitee: Bryan Augenstein

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First up is right-handed pitcher Bryan Augenstein.

Marc Serota

Bryan Augenstein, RHP
Age: 26

Augenstein's short on Major League experience (17 innings with the Diamondbacks in 2009; 5.2 innings with the Cardinals in 2011), so the Twins are hoping to capitalize on his success for the Rays' Triple-A affiliate in 2012. Between one start and 22 relief appearances he combined for 42.2 innings, striking out 40 and walking 12 while giving up just two home runs. He allowed roughly a hit per inning en route to a good season.

In spite of inducing a pedestrian ground ball rate throughout his career, Augenstein has consistently had a low ratio of home runs per fly ball, possibly due to his heavy reliance on a sinking fastball. He also throws a mediocre fastball, a lazy changeup, and a better pitch that pitchfx struggles to identify but has been dubbed both a curve and a slider.

Augenstein is a strong platoon pitcher candidate and so has a chance to be a right-handed specialist, thanks to a high leg kick and sidearm delivery. The caveat, of course, is that this track record is entirely based on his minor league performance.

Chances of making the team: Feasible.