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Spring Training Game 1: Twins at Orioles

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Ryan Doumit's 2013 Senior Picture
Ryan Doumit's 2013 Senior Picture
J. Meric

Game Time: 1:00pm

This is the unofficial start of spring. I don't care where you live, if you're in the southern hemisphere and your seasons are backwards: the first spring training game of the year is the unofficial start of spring. Let's hope guys stay healthy (Oswaldo Arias, we're looking in your direction), and let's look forward to an unexpected surprise or two. Let's go Twins!

Twins Lineup & Pitchers

Mastroianni, CF
Escobar, 3B
Willingham, LF
Doumit, DH
Parmelee, RF
Colabello, 1B
Dozier, 2B
Butera, C
Florimon, SS

Pitching: Kevin Correia, Shairon Martis, Ryan Pressly, Josh Roenicke, Tyler Robertson, Tim Wood.

Orioles Lineup & Pitchers

Roberts, 2B
McLouth, LF
Markakis, DH
Jones, CF
Wieters, C
Davis, 1B
Hardy, SS
Machado, 3B
Dickerson, RF

Pitching: Zach Britton, Jake Arrieta, Tommy Hunter, T.J. McFarland, Dylan Bundy, Steve Johnson, more.