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Minnesota Twins Top 10 Prospects for 2013

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A brief review of the community's top ten prospects for 2013.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Tomorrow we kick off the vote for the #11 prospect in the Minnesota Twins farm system. Which means that tonight is a good time to review our Top 10 prospects, a list decided by all of you. Most of the players are the same as you'll find on most other lists, but the order does change a bit. Here's how you voted.

  1. Miguel Sano (66%)
    Age: 20 Pos: 3B ETA: 2015
    Comment: Sano ranks at the top of every Twins prospect list I've seen, and both MLB and Baseball America think he's among the most promising young players in the game.

  2. Oswaldo Arcia (32%)
    Age: 22 Pos: OF ETA: 2014
    Comment: Arcia doesn't get enough love from some of the bigger baseball institutions, but I think we all know exactly how special Arcia could turn out to be. I do think he'll be one more year in the minors before we see him take over in right field. Then: look out.

  3. Byron Buxton (45%)
    Age: 19 Pos: CF ETA: 2016
    Comment: I'm optimistic about Buxton, but I think this is the right spot for him. I do think we need to be cautiously optimistic about Buxton, though. He's talented, but years away.

  4. Alex Meyer (39%)
    Age: 23 Pos: RHP ETA: 2014
    Comment: People expect Meyer to move quickly, and he has the potential to be a front-line starter. I can see why he's a Top 3 prospect in a lot of Twins lists.

  5. Aaron Hicks (59%)
    Age: 23 Pos: CF ETA: 2013
    Comment: Hicks still has something to prove this year, but I imagine we'll see him with the Twins in September at the absolute latest.

  6. Eddie Rosario (34%)
    Age: 21 Pos: 2B ETA: 2015
    Comment: I didn't expect Rosario to go this high, but that's not a shot at Rosario or his potential. If he continues to hit, he'll be a star. The end.

  7. Kyle Gibson (68%)
    Age: 25 Pos: RHP ETA: 2013
    Comment: Gibson dropped a bit lower than I thought he might. I'm curious to see what he looks like this season. He's talented enough to be Minnesota's best starter in 2013, in spite of his lack of experience.

  8. Max Kepler (34%)
    Age: 20 Pos: OF ETA: 2015
    Comment: Kepler came in one or two spots higher than I thought he'd land, but it's not like this is "too high" for the German prospect. He's extremely talented, and I wouldn't be surprised to see him in the Twins' Top 5 at this time next year.

  9. Jose Berrios (64%)
    Age: 19 Pos: RHP ETA: 2015
    Comment: One more year on the same trajectory as everyone seems to think he's on, and he'll make a big jump in next years lists, too.

  10. Trevor May (67%)
    Age: 23 Pos: RHP ETA: 2013
    Age: I actually expect us to see May make his debut later this summer as a reliever for the Twins, depending on how he performs this season in Rochester.

How are you feeling about our Top 10? Anyone you think doesn't belong, or is there somebody you think was deserving enough to make the cut?