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Mike Redmond Names Kevin Slowey as Marlins' Fifth Starter

I'll be honest: I didn't even know he was in camp for somebody.


Kevin Slowey was drafted by the Twins in the second round of the 2005 draft, made his Major League debut in 2007, and spent at least parts of the next five years with the big league club in Minnesota. Solid peripherals and an online reputation for being a bit of a hipster didn't keep him from handing out the impression that he made a habit of giving up big innings, nor did it keep him from finishing off batters. Slowey departed the organization in December of '11 as he was dealt to Colorado, then started eight games for the Indians' Triple-A affiliate in 2012, and then signed with the Marlins in January.

"He’s not a guy who’s going to overpower you, but he competes." - Mike Redmond on Kevin Slowey

To his credit, the 29-year old righty has looked pretty good this spring. You can't judge any pitcher on 13.1 innings, but based on the numbers alone you can't fault Miami manager Mike Redmond from handing him a rotation job.

Slowey's job will be made more difficult because pitching prospect Jacob Turner, who the Marlins received in return for Anibal Sanchez and Omar Infante last July, will be breathing down his neck. Turner, just 21, was very good for Miami in seven starts last season. From 2010 through 2012, Baseball America rated him as the game's #26, #21, and #22 prospect, respectively. If Turner presses, all things being equal it's likely to be Slowey who gets the heave-ho from the rotation.

Although it might just mean a shift to the bullpen. Which isn't exactly a role that Kevin has enjoyed in the past.

It's good to see Slowey making another run at the Majors, partially because it's always hard to see one of "your guys" have his career derailed by injuries and partially because I think that, while there was plenty of blame to go around for how he was handled and how he handled himself with the Twins, he may not have gotten a completely fair shake in Minnesota. It happens.

He turns just 29 in early May. It's always possible that we see a second act to Slowey's career. Good luck, Kevin.

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