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Prospect Smack-Down: D.J. Baxendale vs Levi Michael

Baxendale takes on Michael for prospect spots 23 and 24.


At the time of this writing, both D.J. Baxendale and Levi Michael were tied for the winning spot for prospect number 23 on this spring's list. With 20 votes each, they both held 17% of the vote. The winner of this vote gets spot number 23, with the loser taking 24. Vote away!

Levi Michael, SS/2B
2013 Age: 22
2012 Top Level: Fort Myers, 512 PA (Advanced A)

2012 21 A+ 512 106 14 2 6 0 56 82 .246 .339 .311
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Generated 3/20/2013.

Another first round draft pick, taken one year after Wimmers, Michael made his organizational debut last season and sputtered a bit. His 11% walk rate was solid, but he didn't make strong contact very often and showed next to no power. Defensively he's seen as a better fit at second than at short. It would be nice to see him develop, since the Twins took him to directly address the massive middle infield depth problem in the organization. He was seen as a relatively polished player who could move quickly (again, just like Wimmers), so keep your fingers crossed for better results in 2013.

DJ Baxendale, RHP
2013 Age: 22
2012 Top Level: Beloit, 11.0 IP (Single-A)

Year Age Lev ERA G GF SV IP WHIP H/9 HR/9 BB/9 SO/9
2012 21 Rk 0.00 6 2 0 7.2 0.261 1.2 0.0 1.2 18.8
2012 21 A 1.64 11 10 2 11.0 1.182 9.8 0.0 0.8 12.3
1 Season 0.96 17 12 2 18.2 0.804 6.3 0.0 1.0 14.9
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Another 2012 draft selection, Baxendale posted killer numbers last summer. His stuff is considered average, but with a moving fastball, a changeup, and a pair of decent breaking pitches in a curve and slider, he has a wide arsenal for a reliever. Like many of his 2012 draftee contemporaries, 2013 will begin the process of separating the men from the boys. Do you think he has what it takes?