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Spring Training Game Thread: Rays at Twins

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Jamey Carroll, battling his tail off.
Jamey Carroll, battling his tail off.

Today the Twins take on the Rays. Hopefully it goes a little better than last time.

Here are your lineups:

1. Desmond Jennings (R) CF
2. Kelly Johnson (L) 2B
3. Evan Longoria (R) 3B
4. Matt Joyce (L) LF
5. Yunel Escobar (R) SS
6. James Loney (L) 1B
7. Leslie Anderson (L) DH
8. Wil Myers (R) RF
9. Jose Lobaton (S) C

SP: Matthew Cody Moore

1. Joe Benson (R) CF
2. Jamey Carroll (R) 2B
3. Josh Willingham (R) LF
4. Ryan Doumit (S) C
5. Trevor Plouffe (R) DH
6. Brandon Boggs (S) RF
7. Dan Rohlfing (R) 1B
8. Ray Olmedo (S) 3B
9. Pedro Florimon (S) SS

SP: Liam Johnson Hendriks