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Fast Reaction: Royals 7, Twins 4

Mauer, Willingham, and Escobar each hit solo home runs in an otherwise embarrassing loss to the Royals.

Minnesota players showing off the modern version of "The Twins Way."
Minnesota players showing off the modern version of "The Twins Way."
Jamie Squire

Well, Mike Pelfrey was unable to recreate the solid performance he had against the Tigers last week again tonight for the Twins game against the Royals. Pelfrey lasted all of two innings, giving up six earned runs with 62 total pitches. Perhaps even more embarrassing than Pelfrey's performance, however, was the Twins defense behind him: a ball dropped in left-center filed just out of shortstop Eduardo Escobar's reach; the Royals hit a ball that simply rolled down the third baseline past Trevor Plouffe; Darin Mastroanni dropped and/or failed to catch a ball in center field Aaron Hicks would have had he really should have caught--and all of this was in the bottom of the first inning before even a single Royals out was recorded.

The Royals scored five runs before the first inning was over.

Despite the overly embarrassing play by the Twins in the first couple innings, this was still a win-able game due to a trio of Twins homeruns. The Twins were even able to load the bases with two outs in the ninth and Mauer at the plate, but it was unfortunately too little too late.


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Bullet Point Highlights

  • Joe Mauer hit his first home run of the season in the top of the 1st inning off Royals starter Jeremy Guthrie. (About time Joe!)
  • Today's game was also the fourth consecutive game caught by Joe.
  • Josh Willingham hit his team-leading second home run of the season in the 3rd inning--also off Guthrie.
  • Eduardo Escobar hit his first major league home run in the 5th inning--you guessed it, off Guthrie.
  • Rule 5 Draft Pick Ryan Pressly had a brilliant outing today, throwing two perfect innings for the Twins in the 7th and 8th.
Win Expectancy Graph



(So close, yet so far...)