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Twins vs. Mets News and Notes

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The Wild and the Islanders meet up for a three-game, total-goals series to determine... I'm sorry, I'm being told that this deck is not correct and that it's actually baseball season. In my defense: look outside.


Probables (all games FSN)

  • Friday, 7:10pm: Vance Worley vs. Jon Niese, 36 degrees with light snow
  • Saturday, 3:10pm: Scott Diamond vs. Matt Harvey, 40 degrees and sunny
  • Sunday, 1:10pm: Kevin Correia vs. Dillon Gee, 45 degrees and "wintry mix"

Mets Notes

  • No word on whether the pitching staff got in their scheduled snowball fight yesterday. (If they did, the snow weighed about ten pounds per snowball, so maybe their shoulders are tired.)
  • Catcher John Buck homered in all three games against Philadelphia this week, and leads the team in batting average, home runs, and RBI. (Thanks to a couple of sacrifice flies, he's also achieved the relatively rare feat of having a lower on-base percentage than a batting average.)
  • The Mets have five pitchers hurt, including Shawn Marcum and, of course, Johan Santana.

Twins Notes

  • The team is vowing to play all three games this weekend, even though it's February 25th outside. Mostly, the problem is that the Mets aren't coming back to Minnesota this year, and so a makeup game would be difficult. On the other hand, the Twins and Mets are both unlikely to contend this year, and if the Twins play only 160 games it's harder to lose 100, and if they don't have to make up the games for a pennant-race purpose they might not bother, so... Come on, snow!
  • Saturday is a 3pm game, which most of the hitters hate, as the shadows make it hard to see the ball at the plate. "These 3 o'clock games have got to go," said Trevor Plouffe to the Star Tribune. So look for zero runs and a few guys getting hit by pitches on Saturday.
  • Tim Wood is described by the team website as "close to pitching in an extended spring training game," so perhaps he's not as near a return as I might have thought.