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Fast Reaction: Mets 16, Twins 5

Bad weather, worse pitching, Twins lose.

Hannah Foslien

By the time the Mets got their fourth out, they had ten runs. And there were still three more hours of baseball to go. And it was cold out. When the dust (which was actually flurries) settled, it was 16-5, New York.


1 kenzertz 56
2 DavidRF 38
3 twinsgirl197 34
4 ColossusOfRhode 24
5 spanspanspan 18
6 jeffheidkamp 18
7 carlpavanosmoustache 16
8 vinnyMN 10
9 montanatwinsfan 10
10 Black Metallic

You guys are gluttons for inclement baseball played poorly, but I love all of you. EARN THIS.


  • Justin Morneau almost hit a home run
  • After giving up the grand slam, Pedro Hernandez was relatively effective! Then he left the game with an injury, because it's 2012 again I guess great.
  • There was a fight in the stands over a bat and it was the best part of the whole goddamn game. (Picture courtesy Twitterer @krauty22.)