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Pregame: Starting Pitchers for the Twins & Mets

The Twins were embarrassed by the Amazin' Mets last night. Will they repay the favor today?

Hannah Foslien

The Twins look to rebound after yesterday's 16-5 drubbing against the Mets. Thankfully the Twins were slow on sending Pedro Hernandez back to Triple-A and activating Scott Diamond, as it allowed Hernandez to soak up 4 1/3 innings before leaving with a "lower body" injury (I'm acting like this is the NHL now).

The Mets will be sending phenom Matt Harvey to the mound, who will be making only his 13th start of his major league career. Though with slightly less hype, he's really a second coming of Stephen Strasburg, averaging nearly 11 K/9 and having a 2.33 ERA through his short career thus far. Harvey features a mid-90s fastball and a wipeout slider, so we can expect him to get ahead by pumping gas past Twins hitters, and then sending them back to the dugout muttering with that slide-piece.

Opposing him is Scott Diamond, who will be activated off the 15-day disabled list prior to the game. Diamond had a breakout year last season and is almost a polar opposite of Harvey. We can look for Diamond to induce a bunch of grounders, strike out a handful of batters, and walk no one. We will also look to see if last year was a career year for Diamond, or if he indeed figured everything out and will continue on as an above-average pitcher.