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Twins to make up Sunday's game on August 19

Rain, snow, and other dollops of "wintry mix" have canceled Sunday's game against the Mets until mid-August.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Today's Twins game against the Mets has been rained out. Except it wasn't really rain, it was snow, or sleet, or whatever you want to call it. It fell as snow, it stayed on the ground for awhile, it's mid-April and hey winter, we're all pretty sick of this.

Anyway, the Twins can read a weather forecast the same as everyone else, so they moved pretty quickly to cancel Sunday's game. Both the Mets and Twins have an off day on August 19, so they're planning to play the game that day, a Monday. It'll turn a seven-game homestand for Minnesota into an eight-game homestand, and eliminate an off day before the team travels to Detroit.

The postponement does help the Twins re-order their pitching staff for the next week. Kevin Correia will pitch Monday, Mike Pelfrey on Tuesday, and Vance Worley - on normal rest - on Wednesday. Following the team's decision to send down Liam Hendriks, there had been some confusion about who would start Tuesday, following Pelfrey in the rotation, but the winter-out makes that moot.

If you had a ticket for Sunday, you can save it and take a day off work on August 19 to see some baseball. (There is a 10% chance of snow that day, given 2013 so far.)

You also can trade it in for a ticket to another game, though you have to do it at least 48 hours in advance of that game. (If you were sitting in a suite, one of the high-roller areas behind home, or on the roof in left, you don't have that option - it's August 19 or nothing.)