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Tuesday Morning Twins: Oswaldo, Morneau's Movie Cameo, Jamming with Eddie Vedder, and More

"Guys! Guys! I hit  a dinger!"
"Guys! Guys! I hit a dinger!"
Hannah Foslien

Good morning Twins fans! The sky is always brighter after Mauer hits a home run, as he should. Here are some more links to keep that smile on your face:

  • After one game, Oswaldo Arcia has been sent back down to the minors, but not without some important takeaways. Besides the ball from his first big-league hit, Oswaldo said, through handy new bullpen-coach-translator Bobby Cuellar, "I take away how they play the game here, I take away how I'm watching everybody hit, take pitches and look for their pitches... And how good it feels and how good it looks when you're watching a game here in the major leagues."
  • Wilkin Ramirez's wife gave birth to a health baby girl on Sunday in New Jersey, and he's already back with the team. Hey Wilkin: you scared of diapers or being Walley Pipped?
  • Did you catch the new Jackie Robinson bio-pic "42" over the weekend? Did you see Justin Morneau's cameo? Because he didn't.
  • Now is Gardy ready to drop Aaron Hicks in the batting order? Gardy told reporters, "I'll let you know when we do that so you don't have to ask every day anymore."
  • Relief pitcher Jared Burton got to jam out with Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder and didn't fall over dead. As teammate Brian Duensing put it, "Baseball-wise, as a pitcher, I wouldn't be able to feel my feet or my legs on the mound, probably wouldn't even really be breathing, to be honest. And it would be something where you can't quite feel the ball in your hand. It would be incredibly nerve-wracking."
  • Glen Perkins did a Q&A with Yahoo's David Brown, in which he touches on the night with Eddie Vedder, his dream bullpen cart, sabermetrics, and many other topics. Really a fantastic read! Thanks Glen and David!
  • New York Media thinks we should have built Target Field with a roof. Well you know what we think New York? You can [redacted] a [redacted] [redacted] with [redacted] long-johns.