Where's Oswaldo?

A new fun game inspired by yesterday's addition to the roster, Oswaldo Arcia, the Where's Waldo books by Martin Handford, and a comment by BeefMaster -- It's Where's Oswaldo! He looks like this:


And he can be found in a number of famous Minnesota crowds. First up (obviously), he came to Target Field to take in a Twins game. Can you spot him?


Last winter, he went to St. Paul to take in the Winter Carnival where a number of the parade goers stayed warm in the skyways. (Including Oswaldo? Maybe! You'll have to find him to know for sure.)


And of course, Oswaldo is somewhere in the greatest Minnesota crowd of all -- the Minnesota State Fair: The Great Minnesota Get Together. Can you find him and his signature red and white hat amongst the fair goers? He's in there, I promise!


Where will Oswaldo turn up next? Only time will tell... time and the Twins management.