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Fast Reaction: Twins 8, Angels 6

Mike Pelfrey, Anothony Swarzak, and--most importantly--the offense were able to stitch it together.

"WOO-HOO! We won!"
"WOO-HOO! We won!"
Hannah Foslien

Pelfrey struggled again, but at least he held it together for five innings this time and earned himself the win. Swarzak came in to pitch 3.1 innings after Pelfrey, and then Perkins came in to shut it down in the ninth.

But the even better story was the offense.

Joe Mauer led the way, going 4 for 5 with three RBIs. Justin Morneau had another important RBI in the 2nd inning to initially put the Twins ahead. Aaron Hicks, moved to the 8th spot, didn't get a hit--but he walked twice, and scored two runs!

The future is bright!


Top posters in the Twinkie Town Game Thread tonight ARE:

  1. Embee - 86
  2. kenzertz - 84
  3. SotaFan27 - 59
  4. PurpleDork - 56
  5. DavidRF - 48
  6. SooFooFan - 44
  7. Luke in MN - 37
  8. spanspanspan - 36
  9. wayback - 30
  10. ColossusOfRhode - 25
Honorable Mention - Anelle (GO TWINS GO!)

Bullet Point Highlights

  • Brian Dozier, hitting lead-off for the first time, went 2 for 4 with 2 RBI and 1 BB.
  • According to the Game Thread Poll, most Twinkie Town members were glad to see Aaron Hicks get a break from hitting lead-off.
  • Good chance the Twins have a snow/sleet/rain postponed game tomorrow. Both the Twins and Angels have an off-day on Thursday, which could be a possible make-up day--but we'll see.
  • Dude-bros sitting in front of me, making fun of me for mixing up the batters once. In left field where you can hardly see the batters. The ones you couldn't even name correctly. Section 128, row 1. Yeah. You guys obviously know a lot about baseball and are really cool people. Props.

Win Expectancy Chart